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Board of Directors

Our board members bring a wealth of experience from many different areas: education, law, business, finance, philanthropy, medicine, entertainment, and global development.  Many of our board members were part of the original founding of the organization, and their unique perspective has enabled the Independent School Alliance to set a bold and visionary agenda for almost 30 years. The combined dedication of our team, member schools, community and Board of Trustees has enabled the Independent School Alliance to become one of the most influential educational organizations in the nation.

Executive Board

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  • Bob Riddle

    President | Head of School at Crossroads School
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  • Nina Shaw

    Vice President | Partner at Del, Shaw, Moonves, Tanaka, Finkelstein, & Lezcano
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  • Andrew Howard

    Treasurer | Partner at Shamrock Capital Advisors
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  • Josh Hamilton

    Secretary | Latham & Watkins LLP
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  • Rob Evans

    Executive Director | Independent School Alliance
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BOB RIDDLE | ISA President

For nearly 35 years, the Independent School Alliance for Minority Affairs has stood as the premier resource for educational access in Southern California. By providing assistance in a variety of ways, the Alliance has helped thousands of students of color gain access to great independent school education. I’m very proud of the work that the Alliance does on behalf of our families and the more than fifty member schools each year. Many of these independent schools have been with us as partners since our first students entered independent schools back in 1985. But in spite of our work, we know we’re only scratching the surface. It’s not a few hundred students in LA who could benefit from the Alliance and our schools, its tens of thousands.
As both the Board Chair of the Alliance and as the Head of Crossroads School, I’ve seen the impact that the Alliance has had on hundreds of students each year, most of whom are given an opportunity they never could have imagined, and whose lives are changed as a result. It’s my hope that those of you who are committed to the inclusion and advancement of communities of color within independent schools and beyond will ask yourselves, “How can I somehow level the playing field for students of color, and students from disadvantaged backgrounds? How can I help combat the institutional racism inherent in our society? How can I make a difference?”
Supporting the Alliance does just that, and it’s my hope that you’ll support the important work showcased throughout this website, whether you are a new family just beginning your journey with the Alliance, a family whose children have already been helped by the Alliance, alumni of our program, or donors interested in helping to make a difference in the lives of young people. Your support will go a long way to making sure we can provide educational opportunities for students who so deeply deserve them. And we’d also like for you to help us spread the news of the Alliance to others as well so that we can continue to open doors for students each year--not just for a few hundred, but hopefully soon for thousands of them.
Thank you for supporting our work!
Bob Riddle
Head of School, Crossroads School

Board Members

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  • Greg Barnes

    Senior Vice President for Lockton Insurance LLC 
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  • Jeffrey Clifford

    President of Heyday Films
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  • Landis Green

    Head of School for Wildwood School
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  • Ed Hu

    Head of External Relations for Harvard-Westlake
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  • Jemma Kennedy

    Educational Innovator and Mathematics Department Co-chair for Archer School for Girls
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  • Brian Laibow

    Managing Director for Oaktree Capital, L.P.
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  • Mira Lee

    Co-Founder and CIO for ShoeDazzle.com
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  • Roberto Longoria

    Judge for L.A. County Superior Court
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  • Alma Medina

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  • Ahmad Moalej

    Owner and CEO for Arm Management, Inc.
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  • Michael Richter

    Managing Director for Lazard Freres & Co., LLC
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  • Noah Shore

    Managing Director for Fortress Investment Group
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Advisory Council

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of the Independent School Alliance. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop!

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  • Alex Amin

  • Corey Spound

  • Cynthia Shackleford


List of 16 items.

  • Rebecca Agbe-Davies

  • Nicole Brown

  • Michael Cohan

  • Galit Donnelly

  • Brent Epstein

  • Adam Fakhri

  • Monica Mange Johnson

  • Terri McCaskill

  • Mishel Mikail

  • Herson Mojica

  • Hava Rahimian

  • Muhammad Shahzad

  • Andrew Smith

  • Lauren Stewart

  • Matt Whitcomb

  • Azizi Williams



List of 5 items.

  • Hope Boyd

    Retired Head of School for Wildwood School | In Memoriam
  • Tim Corcoran

    Retired Founding Board President
    Former Head of School for Windward School | In Memoriam
  • Margo Long

    Retired Elementary School Principal for Oakwood School
  • Raymond R. Michaud, Jr.

    Former Head of School for The John Thomas Dye School | In Memoriam
  • Manasa Tangalin

    Retired Founding Executive Director for Independent School Alliance