About Us

Our History & Mission

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Independent School Alliance to inform members of racial communities presently underrepresented in independent schools of the option of independent school education; to identify applicants from these communities and assist them in the application process; to provide ongoing support programs for students and their families’ and to act as a resource to member schools assisting them in their individual efforts to address issues of racial diversity and multicultural education.

Who We Are

The Independent School Alliance is a leading organization in private school admissions counseling and placement. It was founded by its member schools for the purpose of placing underrepresented students at the elementary and secondary levels. Since 1985 we’ve provided access and opportunities to thousands of students across Southern California. Our students become exemplary members of their independent schools' communities, and very often our member schools comment that their campuses are better places because of the presence of Alliance students.

What We Do

We counsel and advocate on behalf of parents of color who are seeking a remarkable independent school environment for their academically strong and motivated students. From start to finish, we counsel families on choosing an elementary, middle, or high school that is right for them. Our goal is to demystify the complex admissions process and guide them through the application submission, provide interview and visit suggestions, counsel on entrance testing, and if necessary, how to apply for tuition assistance. Additionally, we continue to provide robust support programs to our students and our families throughout their educational experience. Finally, we’re proud to partner with our member schools to enhance their development and implementation of diversity and multiculturalism through expert counseling, workshops on emerging educational topics, and annual meetings of school leaders.

Our History

The Independent School Alliance has for 30+ years worked to create inclusive communities in predominantly white independent schools in the Los Angeles area. In 1985, we had 18 partner schools. Today, we have over 50. Additionally, since 1999, we've identified and placed over 2,500 students from underrepresented racial groups in the greater Los Angeles area independent schools. Additionally, we have worked tirelessly to build and sustain strategic alliances with other organizations whose mission aligns with the goals of the Independent School Alliances. In 2017, we had a fantastic acceptance rate of 83% of our candidates. This year's candidates were offered a record-breaking $2,455,245.00 in financial assistance. 130 Alliance students have enrolled in our member school communities in the fall of 2017. In addition, in 2017 there were 48 students who graduated from member schools and that are now attending some of the best universities across the country.

In 2016-2017, the National Association for Independent Schools (NAIS) Trendbook stated that "due largely to immigration and higher fertility rates among minorities, half of all school children will be non-Anglo American by 2025" Moving forward, we are in the process of reevaluating our processes and matrixes for success. We want to remain forward thinking and cutting edge in our efforts to level the educational playing field through diversity recruitment placement while also thinking through the future needs of our member schools. Beyond that, we are attempting to engage our member schools in more substantive and frequent programming to ensure that the environment in which our students will arrive is prepared to support their academic, social, and emotional needs in the 21st century.

Our Founders

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  • Hope Boyd

    Retired Head of School for Wildwood School | In Memoriam
  • Tim Corcoran

    Retired Founding Board President
    Former Head of School for Windward School | In Memoriam
  • Margo Long

    Retired Elementary School Principal for Oakwood School
  • Raymond R. Michaud, Jr.

    Former Head of School for The John Thomas Dye School | In Memoriam
  • Manasa Tangalin

    Retired Founding Executive Director for Independent School Alliance