Thank you for your interest in the Independent School Alliance program!
Our team at ISA helps and supports students of color and their families strive for better futures through education. With a strong partnership with 50-plus member schools throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area and our ISA Team, our goal is to open doors to opportunity for young students of color.

Our program is comprised of three phases:

The Applicant Phase

First, families will apply to our referral program by submitting their online application to the Independent School Alliance. Once submitted applications are marked as complete, our team of admissions counselors will assess and determine the Applicant's eligibility and appropriateness for our program. Please know that many may apply and will be given thorough consideration, but not all Applicants will be invited to join the next phase of our program.

The Candidate Phase

Students who are accepted into our referral program are considered as Alliance Candidates. In this phase, candidates and their families will work with our team of counselors throughout the application process with our member schools. Counselors meet with each family for a counseling session where they take the time to get to know each candidate family, go over their school choices and discuss the next steps in the school admissions process. Candidates and their families can also take advantage of Candidate Support Programs such as our ISEE Prep Bootcamp and Mock Interviews. Our counselors take pride in advocating for their students and work hard to help each candidate find a home in one of our partnering member schools.

The Enrolled Phase

At the conclusion of the admissions cycle, students who are given acceptance and ultimately enroll at one of our member schools, become Enrolled Alliance Students. ISA students and families become forever members of the Independent School Alliance family. As part of this family, they will gain access to support programs, special events, and various resources. Our commitment extends beyond admissions as our organization intends to support our students and families throughout their enrollment at our member schools and long after students graduate high school and head off into their bright futures.

ISA Admissions At A Glance

Main Entry Grade Levels*
  • Kindergarten
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade
  • 9th Grade

2017-18 Enrollment Stats
  • Enrollment Rate of 83%
  • Cohort received $2,455,245.00 in financial assistance
*non-entry grade levels applicants accepted based on Member School enrollment capacity.

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