List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How does the Independent School Alliance help?

    The Independent School Alliance works closely with families throughout the entire admissions process and counsels families on school choice. Families are encouraged to contact the Independent School Alliance with any questions they might have as they undergo the process. Families do not need to fill out separate applications for each school, pay individual application fees for each school, nor request multiple recommendations from current teachers. The Independent School Alliance has a common application and recommendation forms which are accepted by all member schools.
  • Q. What kind of student is the Independent School Alliance looking for?

    The Independent School Alliance seeks students of color whose school records demonstrate significant ability, achievement, motivation and good citizenship.  For students applying to grades 1 through 10, grades and standardized test scores must be strong to be accepted as a candidate for referral to a member school.  Students who have excessive tardies or absences cannot be accepted for referral. For Pre-K or kindergarten applicants, students must demonstrate their academic and behavioral readiness for school.
  • Q. How many students get accepted through the Independent School Alliance?

    Approximately 80 percent of the students who apply through the Independent School Alliance are accepted at member schools. This high percentage can be credited to personal counseling, appropriate recommendations, and good matches between families and schools by the Independent School Alliance staff.
  • Q. Does an application to the Independent School Alliance guarantee admission to a school?

    No. While each school considers grades, test scores, and teacher recommendations, many factors are involved in a school's admissions decision.  Each member school makes its own decision regarding admission according to existing procedures and non-discriminatory policies.
  • Q. How much does it cost to work with the Independent School Alliance?

    There is a $250 non-refundable consultation fee paid directly to the Independent School Alliance. Please note that there are additional fees to register for exams and financial assistance applications, which are not administered by the Independent School Alliance.

    **Note: All of the above fees can be waived or pro-rated for families who qualify. Proof of financial status must be submitted for waiver consideration.
  • Q. When should I turn in the application?

    After submitting an inquiry, we will send you information on our application process. When you are in receipt of our application materials, early submission of an application gives families the greatest opportunity to visit schools and complete admission requirements in a timely manner.  Waiting until the end of the process can jeopardize referral by the Independent School Alliance as appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. We have a firm application deadline of August 1st for grade levels.
  • Q. Does the Independent School Alliance offer Scholarships or Tuition Assistance?

    No, the Independent School Alliance does not give any financial assistance. All financial assistance is offered by member schools to students who have been accepted, who will enroll, and who have qualified for financial assistance.
  • Q. How does a family apply for tuition assistance?

    Families seeking tuition assistance must complete the Independent School Alliance Supplemental Financial Assistance Application, the SSS Parent Financial Statement ( and/or FAST, as well as provide two years of taxes and comply with each school's requirements and deadlines.

    Important: Demonstrating financial need does not guarantee an award. Although tuition assistance is limited, the Independent School Alliance member schools awarded over $11 million dollars in aid to Alliance students this past academic year.
  • Q. Who receives tuition assistance?

    Tuition assistance is need-based and given according to each individual school's budget, policies and procedures.  The Independent School Alliance provides counseling and assistance with the financial assistance application process.