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  • Q. What does community mean at the Independent School Alliance for Minority Affairs and who’s a part of that community?

    "When I think about the above question, I find myself analyzing and answering it in a couple of ways. First and most obviously, I think about where we live and what connects us. It might be geography, race, class, or philosophy. Most times, inclusion in that community is passive. It is a consequence of circumstance. We have no control or say. The second way that I think about community is far more active and about who we serve. I think about all of those stakeholders — parents, students, donors, alumni, staffers, board members, and schools — over our 30-plus years that have been connected to the work of the organization. They are a part of the community because of their affiliation to and affinity for the mission. That affiliation is active, and it represents a conscious choice being made. The values and mission of the organization toward high-quality educational access for all have led to the creation of an organization that is bigger than the sum of its individual parts. That choice was one to promote and support the general welfare of the Greater Los Angeles area. Thank you for the choice to be a part of our community. Please know that we value and appreciate your meaningful action and ongoing support. Together, our community is making a positive impact.

    On this page, you’ll find our efforts to be an active part of the Greater Los Angeles educational landscape. But, we are not narrowly defining education or our role in it. We are not limiting our work to private institutions, K-12 education, or access. Our mission mandates that we actively look for ways to connect to those that are underserved and underrepresented. It also requires us to partner with individuals and organizations that are able to effectuate a meaningful and substantive change. On this page, check out the resources available through our organization and through our partners in the region for a better life for all."

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