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  • Information Sessions

    Throughout the spring and summer, information sessions are held across Los Angeles to provide more information on the Independent School Alliance program, how to apply, and what to expect. These information sessions are typically open to the public.
  • School Readiness Assessments

    As part of the application to the ISA program for families applying to kindergarten through 1st grade, the process includes an assessment of school readiness and a formalized observation process. This assessment takes place in a group format and focuses on an applicant’s social-emotional skills.


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  • New Applicant Orientations

    The new applicant orientation is the first meeting after families have been accepted into the Alliance program. At orientation, families meet the ISA Team, meet other new ISA families and receive helpful information on what comes next in the process.  All families must attend one of the family orientations; families who do not attend an orientation cannot move forward in the admissions process.
  • Understanding Progressive Education Panel and School Fair

    The purpose of the event is to give families a better understanding of "Progressive Education" and bring clarity to how progressive schools operate and how they develop their philosophies and curricula. This will be a great opportunity to provide information about your individual school programs.

    The program typically consists of two parts: a school fair with representatives from each of our progressive schools interacting with families and answering questions, and a Q&A panel discussion regarding progressive education with selected school administrators from a variety of schools.
  • ISEE Test Preparation Workshop

    The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is a required test for most of the member schools as part of their application process. During ISEE test preparation, students will receive instruction on how to tackle various sections of the test and will have the opportunity to take a full-length practice test under test-like conditions. Each student will also receive a detailed score report based on his or her practice test performance that they can use as a self-study aid prior to taking the actual test.
  • Mock Interviews

    All students applying to grades 6 and above are eligible to come in and practice their interviewing skills.  If your student is nervous about the upcoming school interview, this is a great opportunity to practice, learn about the dos and don’ts of interviewing, and get some feedback from ISA staff and other professionals.
  • Financial Aid Workshops

    Financial assistance workshops are offered for families who wish to better understand the process of applying for financial assistance.
  • Admission Decision Workshop

    In preparation for the last step in the admissions process, the Alliance hosts a workshop to discuss the different decision notices an applicant can receive on decision day. This workshop goes over what each decision means, what the next steps are and upcoming deadlines, and addresses any questions you might have moving forward.  This includes information regarding timeline, response etiquette, and what to do if different scenarios arise, including waitlist or insufficient financial aid awards.


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  • Diversity Programming (General)

    We work collaboratively with our member schools, student organizations, faculty, staff, and the community to integrate an appreciation of diversity into our programs and services provided. Our programming is designed with our students in mind. Each person has a unique history, culture, and background of experience. As we work to bring events that will expose our students and member school communities to an array of cultures and diversity issues, we hope that others will inspire, educate, and share their experiences with us.
  • Student Orientation Program

    The Student Orientation Program is a week-long program for incoming 6th- through 9th-graders to prepare students for a seamless transition into their new schools. Students will be joined by counselors — older enrolled students — to explore concepts of identity, social inclusion, wellness and self-care, stress and academics. Students have a chance to bond with their Alliance peers and take review courses to brush up on the major skills they should know for their first day of class.
  • College Information Workshop

    This workshop is designed specifically for our Alliance families to help prepare you to support your students through the college application process. We will discuss the timeline of events for the major applications, how to involve yourself in the school selection process, and what to take away from Alliance alumni families who have been through the experience.

    The college application process can be long and daunting for families for many reasons.  Let us help you work through it and alleviate some of your concerns. Come get answers to your questions and hear from Alliance Alumni and their families who have already been through the process.
  • College Readiness Workshop: 10th and 11th Grade Students

    This workshop goes over what students should be doing at this stage to prepare themselves to be competitive college applicants as seniors. Topics discussed include what classes to take and how to maintain a course load with extracurricular activities, how to build relationships with your future recommenders, how to prepare for standardized testing, and how to find balance throughout the most stressful years.
  • College Application Workshop: 12th Grade Students

    This workshop, offered over two sessions, focuses on college application writing to help your students be the most competitive applicants during this exciting but stressful time.

    During these sessions, students will be able to ask questions of alumni from some of the most selective institutions in the country, learn about the best things to do to make your essays stand out, and will come away with a fully edited draft of one of the student’s actual college application essays. Parents will also be invited for a parent Q&A session while students are in session.
  • Transition to College Workshop

    This workshop is designed specifically for the parents and guardians of Alliance seniors to help prepare them for the transition to college. We will explore emotions around the student's transition to college and identify ways to support a student's social-emotional growth.

    Now that the college application process has come to a close, it is the perfect time to begin preparing for a student's transition to college. In this workshop, we will discuss concerns and questions about the transition to college, educate about the college landscape for students of color, and identify ways to support our students' social-emotional growth.
  • Parent Meetings

    The Independent School Alliance holds 2-3 parent meetings each year. Reasons to attend include:
    • Build your support network- Socialize with other parents and guardians of students of color at your child’s school or in the same grade or area.
    • Utilize the collective wisdom- Draw on the collective wisdom of seasoned ISA parents and staff on how to best utilize your time at an independent school and handle any challenging situations. Or debrief your first few months if you’ve just gone through the process. Have questions? Bring them to the group!
    • Get an update from the Alliance- Come meet our new executive director, Rob Evans, and new staff members. Learn what is going on at the Alliance; about upcoming programs and opportunities, including our youth ambassador program; about scholarships for high-school seniors and community service volunteer opportunities; and find out how to get involved.
  • Hekymara Scholarship

    The Azaliy Hekymara scholarship was established in 2008 in honor of the late son of Founding Executive Director, Manasa Tangalin,  through the 2nd tenet of the ISA’s mission of providing ongoing support. Each year, the Independent School Alliance awards Azaliy Hekymara Memorial Scholarships to three graduating seniors. These awards will go toward tuition, fees, books, and supplies expenses at any post-secondary educational program or institution (such as community colleges, universities or trade schools) that is designed to conclude with the awarding of a degree or diploma, that is located in any of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia, and at which such winner has been accepted to attend.