Executive Director

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Welcome to the “virtual” community of the Independent School Alliance for Minority Affairs (the Alliance). I invite you to explore our site to learn more about our process, our programs, history, students, member schools and much more.


When a group of Southern California independent school heads founded the Alliance over 35 years ago, they did so with the support of many other school leaders and community leaders in the broader Los Angeles community. Today, the Alliance continues the tradition of supporting the education of underrepresented students of color with a companionship of over 50 elementary and secondary schools in the Greater Los Angeles area. All schools within the Alliance are united in a common mission to provide a high-quality independent school education to all students by preparing them to navigate the diverse ideas and people of the United States and 

world; yet each is unique in its own rite.

The academic enthusiasm and performance of our students at our member schools speaks volumes about our support programs and the partnership that exists between the organization and the schools. Our students have achieved top test scores, earned great grades, and added tremendous value to their school communities, on the athletic fields, and in their respective clubs. With this in mind, we are most proud of our school’s excellence in care of the individual student. Each member school with its unique mission challenges each student to achieve high levels of performance and service through involvement in the classroom and beyond. Similarly, our students challenge each other to excel in all areas.


Beyond the Greater Los Angeles area, the Alliance partners with other organizations nationally to research and implement best practices regarding enrollment management and student support. These partnerships will continue to allow us to be leaders in our community and beyond, committed to educational access for underserved students.


The Independent School Alliance, like our member schools, is a leadership organization, providing our students and our community with the direction needed to positively impact their own lives and the lives of others. Through a vibrant academic and warm environment, we will continue to preserve our heritage by cultivating our leaders of tomorrow.


With warm regards,


Rob Evans

Executive Director