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Génesis Ahtty is the Associate Manager for the US Indies team at Spotify, based in Los Angeles. In her role, she drives direct communication efforts with independent labels and artist teams, ensuring that they’re supported with their upcoming releases, and educating them on how to cultivate new audiences on the platform to foster career growth on Spotify. One of her favorite aspects of the role is the remarkable diversity of music within the independent sector, spanning from independent artists across the globe. 

Before joining Spotify last year, Génesis spent five years on the label and independent distribution side, further solidifying her dedication to championing independent artists. Originally from Ecuador, she grew up in both New York and Los Angeles (but don’t make her choose which coast is better). She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a BA in Sociology and Media Studies.


When did you become involved with Independent School Alliance?


I became involved with ISA in 2004 when I was in 6th grade. ISA helped me through my application process at Independent Schools and I landed at Marlborough 

What was your experience with Independent School Alliance?


It was a very positive experience. Not only did they help me with the application process but this opened the door for the rest of my younger family members to also apply via ISA including my younger brother and my younger nieces and nephews. I also loved going to the picnics at the end of the school year and reconnecting with other fellow Alliance members that went to other independent schools. 

Where did your path lead after graduating from middle/high school?

I landed at Santa Monica College and then I transferred to UC Berkeley as a junior, where I graduated in 2016. 

How did you find your career path?


I found my career path through an undergraduate club at UC Berkeley: Business Careers in Entertainment Club. I then found I could work at the intersection of music and tech, where I interned at SoundCloud my junior year of college in their Artist and Content Relations team. I’ve since then worked at different music labels, and I’m currently on the Music Team at Spotify. 

In what ways did the Alliance and the independent school(s) you attended help shape your career and future


It helped me realize that there was more career paths than what I had been exposed to growing up. Attending a school where I was the minority was challenging in more ways than one but also incredibly rewarding. I am still  friends with a lot of classmates and other ISA peers to this day, which expanded my network had I not been in the Alliance. Lastly, i’ve been able to form life long friendships which is priceless. 

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Alumni Spotlight: Génesis Ahtty

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Marlborough School

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